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Charitable Giving Initiative

Our Charitable Giving initiative provides each employee with the opportunity to donate to organizations that matter most to them.

Black Health Alliance – selected by Keron


“I chose Black Health Alliance as they are an incredibly important charity that provides guidance and assistance towards Black youth, specifically with Mental Health, as well as building support systems to improve the well-being of those in the Black community.

They are a strong network of individuals who want to create solutions that I believe will have a positive and lasting impact.”








Lions Foundation – selected by Ben


Lions Foundation of Canada's mission is to assist Canadians with a medical or physical disability by providing them Dog Guides at no cost. To do this, the Foundation operates Dog Guides Canada, a preeminent national training school and charity that assists individuals with disabilities through specialized Dog Guide programs.

These Dog Guides are provided at no cost to eligible Canadians from coast to coast despite costing $25,000 to train and place. The Foundation relies on donations from individuals, service clubs, foundations and corporations and does not receive any government funding.

RAVEN – selected by Samantha


“I recently donated to RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values & Environmental Needs). Since moving to BC, it’s become uncomfortably transparent how much work there is to do for reconciliation. The land here is very much intertwined with indigenous culture and preserving the culture means spending a lot of time and money in court to protect it. As we watch the whole world re-evaluate it’s ideals, I wanted to make a contribution to protecting a culture close to home. Thanks to FIRST Canada for starting this initiative. It’s a very cool thing to do!”






Tour for Kids – Childhood Cancer – selected by Stephen


“I have chosen to donate to this charity as this Foundation is the main benefactor of the Tour for Kids charity event (cancelled due to Covid), of which I am a multi-year participant. This foundation maintains a 100% donation ratio. Tour for Kids raises money for Childhood Cancer research but is also is a main contributor to three residential camps in Ontario for children living with cancer. I have personally visited two of the camps, met with campers, family and staff, and continue to be impacted by their strength and humanity through the most difficult of times. I sincerely appreciate the support of FIRST Canada with my chosen charity. Proud to be a member of this team. Thank you.”

SickKids – selected by Melissa


“My youngest daughter spent some time in the SickKids ICU with lung and heart problems as a baby. Thanks to the care she received, she is now a healthy and energetic six year old. Thanks, FIRST Canada for helping us support this great cause.”