Accept Credit Card Payments

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Say “yes” to your clients when they ask, “Can I pay with my credit card?”


One of the benefits of your partnership with FIRST Canada is the ability to securely accept credit card payments integrated as a part of your payments solution offering. Implement the industry-leading credit card payment process and accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express




An Insurance-specific Integrated Solution

Our integrated insurance-specific solution eases reconciliation with the option to include policy or client identification and depositing the funds directly into the brokers’ trust account without an intermediary, ensures the security and compliance that Canadian brokers require.

First Canada

Client Benefits


24/7 self-service

Earn loyalty points

Simple process



Broker Benefits

Complements your
Value Proposition

Receive payments

Reduces receivables

Protect your client relationships

Cost effective


Integrated Online Payments

Offer your clients the security and convenience of online payments. Your InsurePay merchant account enables you to securely accept payment for all of your receivables as part of your overall payment solution offering.

Include credit cards along with all payment methods accepted by your brokerage on one all-inclusive Payment Options Form.

Protect your client relationships by implementing your own payment process including credit cards. Expand your service offering by providing the flexibility your clients demand.




Bank-grade Security


InsurePay adheres to the highest standards of compliance and security. You can rest assured that your InsurePay merchant account enables PCI Compliant credit card processing with every transaction.





Cost-effective Solution


Bifurcated payments enable two transactions to happen at one time when a payment is processed. The invoice amount and system access fees are clearly labelled and allow for zero cost processing.


Easy Reconciliation


Your integrated credit card solution allows for easier reconciliation with Converge’s software. Reports are easily exportable and include information necessary for easy reconciliation, including BMS ID and system access fee charges.


Mitigate Your Risk


With your own merchant account from InsurePay, payment is sent directly from your client to your trust account, without a middleman. You receive payment the next business day, reducing your E&O risk and exposure. If you use an aggregator for credit card processing, this would not be the case. It is important to understand these risks and ensure you are covered.



Request Pay


Request a payment from any client, any time, for any receivable, with Request Pay. Use the flexibility and power of your InsurePay merchant account to clear up any receivable. Email a secure request for payment to any client. 

Clear up outstanding personal lines, fees, replacement payments, NSFs, or any outstanding receivable for your business.






Protect your business and your clients with Tokenization. Tokenization is a risk-mitigation tool that protects your clients and your organization by safeguarding sensitive data like bank account and credit card details. With tokenization, you no longer have to worry about sensitive data passing through your systems. Enable Tokenization with InsurePay.




Download Request Pay Collateral


Download tokenization Collateral





“By switching to FIRST Canada’s Integrated Credit Card Solution, we were able to get rid of our physical credit card terminals and can now accept our customers’ credit card payments online when it’s convenient for them. This Payment Solution is fast and simple and has allowed us to transfer our security risk to ensure that we are in compliance. Once again, FIRST Canada is a market leader and a true partner for brokers.”

- Matt Bevan, D.G. Bevan


Integrate credit cards into your payment offering today