Applied Epic® Embedded Payments

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Offer FIRST Canada innovative payment solutions directly from Applied Epic




FIRST Pay™ is the Applied Epic® embedded payment solution which simplifies the payment process for brokers and their clients.


FIRST Pay™ Benefits:

Reduces Receivables

Reduces Receivables and
Administration Costs


Client Relationship

Enhances Your
Client Experience


Improves Operational <br>Efficiencies

Improves Operational

Real-time Client Payment Status from within Applied Epic®


  • Integrate customized payment options to your policy proposal at the point of sale
  • Customized pricing programs and real-time what if scenarios
  • Automated activities and document attachment  
  • Finance multiple policies in one contract and control installment dates
  • Automated accounting and accounts receivable functions
  • View installment schedule, disbursements, financed policies, and documents


Never leave your broker workflow and provide secure,
innovative payment solutions for all your clients.

Applied Certified Integration


Put the power of FIRST Pay™ to work for you and your clients