Take Control of Your Client Relationships

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Don't be at the mercy of your markets. Offer your clients the convenience of paying how they choose with a streamlined and integrated process, every time. Eliminate carrier confusion with your clients and protect your client relationships by being their payment provider. Easily implement your own payment process, including credit cards. Expand your service offering and beat the competition by providing the flexibility clients demand.



Accept credit cards

Implement the industry leading credit card payment process and you can be accepting Visa®, Mastercard®, and American Express®. Our integrated, point-of-purchase solution provides the best client experience and easier reconciliation because it was built specifically for the Canadian insurance market.



Brokerage benefits

  • No need to disrupt your clients with a change in payment methods or remarket due to payment changes
  • Reduce your time on risk
  • Fast-track your revenue by earning commissions upfront
  • Reduce your receivables and associated administration
  • Increase close ratios
  • Improve retention
  • Enhance your value proposition
  • Reinforce your brand

Client benefits

  • No disruption of their choice of payment method
  • Provide flexibility on payment dates and missed payments
  • Smooth out cash flow
  • Reinvest working capital back into their business
  • Consolidate multiple policy payments
  • Preserve credit


Avoid unwanted risk by choosing your partner wisely

Our credit card process protects you with a fully vetted, legal, and compliant process for accepting credit card payments. We have worked with the credit card vendors and processors to develop a credit card offering that meets brokers’ specific needs and the legal requirements for card processors.


In partnership with our payment processing provider:

Easily automate payments into your existing workflow and increase your staff efficiency with one process.

With our innovative and convenient payment solutions, you can offer all methods of payment; credit card, pay in full, and easy monthly payments at the point-of-purchase, leverage your current BMS, and present payment options with the click of a button.







Protect your client relationships

with the right payment solutions