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We have developed a strategic relationship with ClearPay to streamline and increase the security of broker payments.



Electronic Payments with Policy Data

Brokers are able to remit funds with remittance data for easier payment and reconciliation. This eliminates the issues of lost or stolen cheques, cheque fraud and the expense of mailing cheques. Brokers will be able to securely send funds and statements online and on time.

Whether it’s down payments, returned/missed payments or NSF replacements, brokers can securely provide these payments to FIRST Canada along with the remittance data, saving brokerages time, money, and improving security. ClearPay eliminates cheque fraud, enhances operational efficiency, and reduces settlement delays.
No technical work is required on behalf of the brokerage.





“We are known for our innovative payment solutions, so partnering with ClearPay was an ideal opportunity. Now, our broker partners can also take advantage of ClearPay’s benefits.” 

- Stuart Bruce
  Chief Executive Officer



Increase Efficiency

Save Money

Eliminate Cheque Fraud



Easier Reconciliation

Improve Security



Streamline and secure your payments