eSignature FAQ

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1. What is an eSignature?
An electronic signature or eSignature is defined by The Uniform Electronic Commerce Act (UECA) as “information in electronic form that a person has created or adopted in order to sign a document and that is in, attached to or associated with the document.”


2. Is an electronic signature legally binding?
Yes. Electronic signatures are valid and legally binding in Canada and around the world. There are two federal laws that address the use of electronic signatures in Canada. The Uniform Electronic Commerce Act (UECA), and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), passed in 2000, set out special standards for a “secure electronic signature.”










3. Is DocuSign’s electronic
signature secure?

DocuSign eSignatures offer bankgrade security and operations. Each electronic signature is secure and enforceable. DocuSign guarantees the confidentiality of all transactions and provides multi-faceted verification of signing events.


4. Can I sign my contracts from anywhere?
Yes. DocuSign is a mobile-friendly platform that can be accessed from multiple devices including computers, tablets and smart phones. You and your clients can experience a faster, more convenient way to complete transactions, no matter where you are.







5. Why is eSignature by DocuSign better than a paper signature?

  • Easily accessible – anytime,
    anywhere, on any device
  • Timely – delivery over the internet
    significantly reduces wait time
  • Secure – DocuSign process includes encryption and audit trail to ensure documents are protected
  • Auditable – date and time stamp
  • Verification – by a third party vendor
  • Cost effective – delivery over internet eliminates shipping cost


6. Do I need an account to use DocuSign?
You can use DocuSign without an account. If you do want to set up a free account you’ll have the benefit of DocuSign keeping a record of all your documents for you.








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