First InSite via BMS Link

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Efficient and Accurate

Your FIRST Canada flexible payment plans are available directly from your BMS. Simply click on the FIRST Canada Payment Options form letter in your BMS and easily send payment plans to all your clients.

Respect your current workflow and ensure date is consistent on all your client documents.




A streamlined and consistent payment process benefits both you and your clients.



Flexible Payment Plans

Leverage your pre-approved terms and offer the choice of paying in full, easy monthly payments, or credit cards.


  BMS Link Benefits

Bypass Login

Leverage Pre-approved
Terms and rates

Eliminates keying errors
and discrepancies

Quickest way to
provide a quote


Reduces Rekeying
and Data Entry

Respects your
existing workflow

In addition: auto-login, eliminate key strokes, Consistent data on all client material, quickest way to generate a quote.

After installing BMS Link the average brokerage had:



15% increase
in net financing


30% increase
in contract count


69% increase
in efficiency




Put the power of BMS Link to work for you and your clients