Online Payment Options

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All Your Payment Methods with
One Streamlined Process

Introducing a revolutionary way for you to offer customized online payment options for your clients.

FIRST Canada revolutionizes online payment options for brokers and their clients


As a FIRST Canada partner, you can now have one streamlined and consistent process for all payment methods. The new online payment options page can now
be configured to present all your payment methods with one convenient and
consistent process.

Whichever payment methods you offer are presented to the client on the
newly designed, user-friendly online payment options form, with optional
brokerage branding.

The new online payment options form is not limited to but can include payment methods such as easy monthly payments, credit cards, cheque, single bank withdrawal, bank wire, online banking, etransfer, EFT, and PayPal®.




"Our goal is to put the broker in control of the payment process for their clients and maintain their client relationship. Our new customizable online payment options form easily allows the broker to provide a flexible, compliant, bespoke payment experience for their clients."

Stuart Bruce, CEO




Learn more about the new configurable online payment options form