Request Pay

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Request a payment for any client,  any receivable, any atime.




Use the flexibility and power of your AcordPay merchant account to clear up any receivable. Email a secure request for payment to any client.

Clear up outstanding personal lines, fees, replacement payments, NSFs, or any outstanding receivable for your business.






Get Paid Faster

• Instant request 

• Pay anytime, anywhere

• Real-time payment notification 



• Eliminate follow up and receivables lists

• Fees separated from premium

• Customizable client data capture for
  easy reconciliation  




• Improve your cash flow

• Clear up outstanding receivables

• Accept payments for any
  amount owing



• Prevent hacking

• Avoid fraud

• Encrypted

• Captcha protected



• PCI Security 

• Deposited directly into Trust Account

• Transparent fees 

• Separate fees from premium



BMS Integration

• Power Broker™ integration

• Request payment from within
  any BMS

• Provide clients a secure website
  payment link





Get paid today with Request Pay