Meet Chris | Account Manager, Toronto Region

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Meet Chris | Account Manager, Toronto Region, FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada 

Meet Chris, or as most people call him, Baronas. Chris works hand in hand with Michael Byrne, managing the accounts for the Toronto region.

He handles all new quotes and renewal requests, looks for new business relationship opportunities, and services each of his brokers with accurate and timely responses to all requests. 

Chris is always available to answer any questions or provide quotes, and has been commended by many for always answering his phone.



Here are some of the great things that others have to say about Chris:

“Chris is a hard worker who gets along with everyone on his team.”

“Chris is a valuable team member and a great asset to the brokers in his region.”

“The combination of Chris’ industry knowledge and enthusiasm make him a joy to work with.”




Chris’ tip

“If there is something specific you or your client may be looking for to let us know. We have a dynamite team that are always available to assist with whatever you may come across, so please ask.”




Chris is very outgoing and is the first person to encourage participation in group events at the office, especially if it is sports-related. He loves the people he works with, inside and outside of the office.

Interesting fact: Chris also has a healthy obsession with bears.


Contact Chris today

Chris is pleased to provide you with his expertise regarding financing options, so you can maintain a high service standard with your clients and focus on your core business.



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